Hi Class,

A couple of students have asked about the course project. I’m asking for a 7-10 page paper and 3-5 ppt slides with voice-over and closed captioning (can be in notes section below slides).

Here are some things I will be looking for:

Clarity of graphics and relevant visualizations of the data/analyses

Display is orderly, logical, and appealing

Data analysis takes into account the data types

Choice of data analytic methods is justified and clearly described

Appropriate application and documentation of methods

Analytic method/model assumptions are clearly stated and satisfied

Conclusions/interpretations are consistent with output

Ideas for future analysis

Creative use of statistical analysis, visualizations or presentation of results.

Clearly, you won’t be able to go into a lot of detail in 7-10 pages, so you can’t cover everything and conciseness counts.

Hope this is useful. I look forward to reading your data analysis.

Have a great Thanksgiving (and don’t eat too much turkey!),

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