the title of the research proposal should be as follows [How the foreign military intervention in Libya in 2011 had a negative impact on the tribe’s structure of society]. However, you can change it if the title grammatically does not sound correct, but the meaning must still be the same.

First of all, I would like you to write a research proposal of how the foreign military intervention which happened in Libya in 2011 had a negative impact on the tribe’s structure of society as the demographic structure of Libya consist of different types of tribes, such as Arab, Barbar, and African tribes and how this foreign intervention led to civil war in Libya from 2011 until 2020 where different tribes fight each other and there were many conflicts between the Libyan cities because of political, ethnic and historical issue. therefore, I have explained in the word document called Proposal that I have uploaded for you, the historical issues which were taking place between some Libyan tribes in 19 and 20 centuries and I have also named those Libyan tribes for you in the word document which called (Proposal) and I gave you also a background of the nature of issues between the Libyan tribes and how Italy army used the tribal strife between the Libyan tribes in order to facilitate them to invade Libya in 1911 and how the foreign intervention in 2011 led to bring back all tribal strife which was taking place in the past.

Finally, I would like you to demonstrate how the foreign military intervention in Libya in 2011 had a negative impact by leading to a civil war between the Libyan tribes throughout the period 2011-2020 which had a very negative impact on tribe’s structure of society as many people have killed and expelled from their cities. Moreover, this civil war can influence on the unit of the country and lead the country to be divided into many parts according to the ethnic and tribal background. For example, if Libya has divided, this division can lead to creating four counties inside Libya, such as a country for Al taboo tribes and another country for Al Tawariq tribe in south Libya plus another country for Barbar tribe in west Libya and a country for Arab tribes in east Libya. Furthermore, the possibility of dividing Libya can also lead the surrounding counties around Libya, such as Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria which have the same demographic structure as Libya to be divided into many parts also according to the ethnic and tribal background.

Moreover, the research proposal must include the following key components:

1) A good title

2. Introduction: As a rule of thumb, the introduction to a research proposal can be framed as a very brief response to the following questions:

•Why is this interesting?

•What is the knowledge gap?

•What are your aims and objectives?

•What will you do to address these?

3. Literature review:

– concerned with articulating what other researchers said about the topic

– helps you identify a gap in the literature and introduce the aims of your project

4. Aims and objectives

5. Method and methodology

– detail on data collection, Inc. any research instrument you plan to use

– how your data will be analysed.

Therefore, please, make sure the structure of the research proposal is very clear and the argument is also very clear, and also the analysis and the representative of the research proposal is very clear plus you must identify the knowledge gap and use Cardiff Harvard references.

furthermore, I have uploaded a PowerPoint document under the name (L1) which includes from slides 3 to 6 how to structure the research proposal plus high-quality pre-viewed journals in slide 6 that you can use them for the research proposal, but it is up to you.

In addition, I have uploaded PowerPoint documents under the names (L3) and (L4), and (L5) which include topics about humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect (R2P) which might be helpful for you when you do the research proposal. Moreover, I have uploaded some articles for you which talked about humanitarian intervention, especially the Chatham House article and Leading From Behind article which mentioned the humanitarian intervention that happened in Libya in 2011.

Moreover, those are the following high-quality pre-viewed journals which you can use them in case if you find information about the Libya case plus you can use Graziani’s books about Libya which he explained quite a lot about tribal strife in Libya.

Key Journals :

International Security; Review of International Studies; International Relations; European Journal of International Relations; Ethics & Int. Affairs; British Journal of Politics and IR; Millennium; Journal of International Political Theory; Journal of Cyber Policy; International Theory; Security Dialogue; Third World Quarterly; International Politics; International Studies Review; International Studies Quarterly; International studies perspectives; Cambridge Review of International Affairs; Foreign Policy Analysis; Journal of International Relations and Development; Security studies; Cooperation and Conflict; Postcolonial Studies; International Organization; Human Rights Quarterly; International Political Sociology; International Affairs.

Moreover, you should the following criteria in order to produce a very excellent paper which also exists in the PDF document called Module Kit:

Marking criteria

Postgraduate modules

These generic marking criteria apply to taught postgraduate modules on the MSc Econ programs in

the Department of Politics and International Relations. In each case, the primary judgment concerning

marks is made on the grounds of academic persuasiveness and quality of the argument. Other criteria are

supplemental and serve to distinguish marks within a class.

Distinction: Mark Range >70

Criteria for distinction 70-79%

− Evidence of originality and independent thinking, as appropriate to the task.

− Commanding knowledge of relevant literature, available information, and conceptual issues appropriate to the field.

− Demonstrates the ability to make excellent judgments, as appropriate to the assessment task.

− The work is very well written and presents an excellent synthesis of appropriate available

information, coherently structured.

− Where group work is involved there is evidence of an excellent individual contribution.

− Excellent evidence of acquisition of relevant skills and their application.

− Excellent presentation, including referencing.

Finally, you can also mention in your research proposal some examples of how the foreign military intervention which happened in other parts of the world how it led to civil war, such as what in Iraq after the American intervention in 2003 when civil war happened between Al-Sunna and Al-Shia in Iraq and also just what happened in Afghanistan after NATO intervention which led to tribal strife in Afghanistan.

In conclusion, I hope, I made everything clear to you in order to produce an excellent paper and if you have any questions about the research proposal please, feel free to contact me.

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