Hello, I have a business Internal assessment and I would like for you guys to kindly do a research paper about Fedex. This will be my final for a graduate of class of 2022. My research question is “How has fedex overcome its logistical setbacks during the global pandemic?” Can you include the following topics,

What was the outcome of the global pandemic on the logistics of Fedex?

How has different waves of the pandemic affect fedex?

Were there many people fired?

Were there any protests?

Labor unions in fedex (overworked or dangerous environments)

Any salary cuts, less cars on the road, less planes in the sky , less working hours?

Was there an increase in artificial intelligence during the pandemic?

And similar question as well.

Please use supporting documents and in text citations and please do not plagiarize anything. I will also require business tools. I will be attaching a copy of how the Research paper needs to be formatted. Within the document I am sharing there are also a guide included please follow it. Thank you so much!

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