Hello. I am currently working on my final assignment, a research paper proposal for my final project of the semester. But I have no idea what to do. In this class, we are working on the Inca Empire, Mesopotamian Civilization, and Mayan Civilization. Perhaps this area will be the topic for this assignment. The options to choose from as directed by the professor would probably be 1 or 2 would be suitable for me. I don’t even know how to do any of this, so I can’t really explain it, but you can always ask me questions. Thank you very much for your help.

Here are the instructions for the assignment from the professor ↓↓


Improve the overall writing abilities of students.

There are three options for the research paper (5 pages):

Choose to focus on a particular site, region, culture, debate, in a specific part of the world, making sure to apply theoretical approaches from archeological anthropology while using a variety of sources, including other archeological literature on the topic;

A creative narrative style. “A Day in a life”… of an individual in one of the regions we have studied so far or that we will cover according to the syllabus.

Research Project Proposal

All options are intended to familiarize students with the conventions of the discipline, in terms of writing, research, and creative thinking, thus better preparing them for upper-division courses in archeology anthropology and related subject areas.

Important considerations:

Selecting a topic. It is important to have your topic well defined and focused. A topic too generally defined is usually only superficially addressed. Each student is to post a research topic prospectus (one paragraph). Be sure to have your topic approved. Select a working list of 2 published sources (other than the textbook)

Option 1- Your paper uses and cites published sources besides the textbook, a research paper summarizes your investigation of published sources on a pre-approved topic. Discuss your research strategy and progress with the instructor. The paper should be well organized: Introduction, theoretical argument, main body of paper and conclusion.

Option 2- For your creative narrative make sure you address the key information about that particular individual: the culture, society and region (your character) is from. Your narrative should be well informed and full of detail to provide evidence that you have researched in depth the time and geographical place you are writing about. Besides the textbook, you will need to provide two academic sources that inform your narrative.

Option 3- You will design an archeological project and design a research proposal. Talk with instructor for the desired format.

Identified what Region and time period you are interested in?

Where in this Region and time period would you like to perform your Archaeological fieldwork?

For the proposal this is the format: Answer the following questions in the given order. This is not an essay.

What is the Region and time period?

Why is it important?

Why must the study be done in this particular place?

What previous research has been done on topic, place or related areas? ( What academic books and articles have been written about it. At least two articles or books other than the textbook)

What are your Hypotheses?

What is the research plan?

Select the methods will you use?

What Field Techniques are required?

What is your Timetable?

How much will it cost and why (itemize- Budget separate page)


Dec 13- Student Research Presentation: You will be given the choice to write and upload your work or prepare a video presentation with google slides or PowerPoint or of at least 3-5 slides minimum and 10 maximum.

This choice allows for students that like performing on camera or talking to the public the ability to practice giving a presentation.

Those students who rather practice their academic writing skills can choose to write their paper and submit it.

If you do the video Posting your work in the class discussion forum for the Final will be essential.

If you choose to write you will just need to post a brief summary on you work in the post and upload your work in the appropriate folder.


Submit your statement of commitment for your chosen Research paper proposal – 5 points.

What option are you going to choose, what areas and sources are you considering.

This is a brainstorming activity. Next week you will have to post you revised version after we review your ideas. Thus, first write a paragraph (300 words) with your ideas, then I can give you suggestions, and later you will have to post your revised proposal in the class discussion.

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