Hello and thank you for your consideration to helping me. I have a power point that has to be completed which is based on the effects of geotechnical engineering on subway tunnels induced by multiline tunneling. The power point does not necessarily have to talk about the Shanghai’s multiline tunneling, but you can use a couple slides talking about it (there are some papers that are on the internet). In general, the power point should focus on the influence of geotechnical engineering on existing subway tunnels. What are the components that impact subway tunnels? How? Why is it important? These are some questions you can talk about. The power point has to be around 15-20 slides. I leave it up to you. I have already started the first 2 slides so I hope that helps you out a bit. If you still want, you can change or erase the slides that I have so far. Please consider having a conclusion slide at the end of the presentation as well as a slide with your references (works cited). If you have any other questions please let me know. Again, thank you for helping me with this assignment. Have fun! Note: you can use as many sources as you want as long as you keep it simple. This is not a hard class so the professor wants a simple explanation and wording. So please do not use any scientific terms or something that is quite complicated. Imagine that you are presenting this to high school students or freshmen students in college and you want them to understand it and be interested on what you are presenting. Same applies to charts and graphs, you can use as many as you want, as long as you think that it will help to the presentation. (I have randomly assigned 1 source, 15 slides, and 1 graph, but please go with what you feel. There is not a specific format for this presentation, but make sure you type enough for each slide.

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