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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

This is almost identical to the annotated bibliography you did before. The only difference is that

here, for Essay 4, you’ll be using one internet source and one library database source. Both

should be directly related to your Essay 4 topic on some aspect of place from this semester.

Find two excellent sources, read them, and then create an annotated bibliography. Remember:

these are the sources you’ll be using in your paper.

Let me give you a step-by-step:

1. Find several sources on the internet and in library databases that look good. Skim them,

consider them, and choose the 2 best ones for your paper. One of each.

2. Read them carefully. As you do so, mark what you want to quote, paraphrase, or


3. Using the template I provide in this module (it’s the same as before), create an

annotated bibliography of those two sources and upload it by the due date.

4. You can absolutely collaborate on Discord with this assignment. If you find an article you

think someone else would like, share it with them. If you aren’t finding anything good,

see if someone can help. Once you’ve written up your Annotated Bibliography, but

before you submit it, ask someone to look over it for you.

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