GE Quantitative Reasoning Assignment: Follow these instructions carefully.

1.Choose a topic in either Cognitive, Social, or Developmental Psychology. Choose 2 articles, one 20 years-old and one no more than 8 years-old on the same topic and looking at the same or similar variables.

2.Type up a 2-3 page paper on the similarities and differences in the statistical results of these two papers, not in the methodology. Include in your discussion some reasons for these similarities and differences in results.

3. Address these two questions: How do these two papers differ in their interpretations of their data? Which interpretations do you agree with and why? (back up using the results themselves, not opinion). Use your knowledge of statistics and research to back up your choice. You will need to turn in links to the copies of both papers with your typed assignment

Be sure to add in reference page at the end of written paper.

(so three files in total).

You will need to find the articles as i will not be providing them,

i will also need copies of both articles used as they will be turned in with the written assignment.

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