For any venture to be successful, there are 2 very important considerations:

How long will it take?

How much will it cost/effort?

It is important that you create a high-level timeline using a Gantt Chart of the start-up activities to make this venture a reality. The timeline should include high-level activities, milestones, and deliverables in the form of a Gantt Chart. In addition, it important to determine what resources will be required to make this happen. Essentially, how much will this cost?

Without an effort of duration (timeline), it would be difficult to determine the cost of your proposed project. What resources will you require and how much will they cost.

Grade Criteria


Is the timeline realistic?


Is it clear how much this venture will cost to get started?


Is there a good level of activities to determine project effort?


Are there clear milestones?


Is there enough detail to support the timeline and budget (including assumptions)?

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