For a rubric to help you create your post ( see attachments)


1. First, read the excellent article by Rizvi, which explains how art and architecture in the Safavid capital of Isfahan were used to express ideas of sacred rulership under Shah Abbas I. Rizvi, Kishwar. “Architecture and the Representations of Kingship during the Reign of the Safavid Shah ‘Abbas I.” In Every Inch a King: Comparative Studies on Kings and Kingship in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, edited by Lynette Mitchell and Charles Melville, 371-397. Leiden: Brill, 2013. ( attached below)

2. Respond to the following question in your essay:

How were the sacredness and authority of the Safavid shah expressed in the architecture, decoration, and function of one of the following buildings in the Maydan-i Shah?

my chosen building are

A. The Ali Qapu. ( see the link below)


B. The Masjid-i Shah (also called the Masjid-i Imam). ( see link below)

Include key quotes and paraphrased information from the article by Rizvi to support your discussion of the two buildings you discuss. Limit the quotes to one sentence. Use Archnet to paraphrase factual data about the building you choose to write about. Don’t use any other sources.

Use Times New Roman font in 12 point black ink, double spaced.


Any quotes and paraphrased information used MUST be attributed in Chicago Turabian Notes and Bibliography Style.

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