Final Research Paper – Organization and References

Hello Everyone,

Here are some comments regarding the final research paper. To begin with, organize the research paper as shown below. The final paper must have a Table of Contents (with page numbers). Note: There is a 20 point deduction if your paper does not have a Table of Contents.

The Table of Contents should include the following sections:

I. Introduction…………. Page #s

II. Body, including

—— Discussion of Topic

III. Conclusion……………

IV. References……………

Here are a couple of other things.

In the introduction state the purpose of the paper and then wrap it up in the conclusion.

One approach to improving the flow of your paper is to read it aloud. This helps with the readability and the flow of the paper.

Regarding references for your research paper, the MBA program has the following requirement. Research papers must include actual journal, book and article references. Web based references are ok but cannot be used exclusively, that is, non-web-based references are required for the research paper. One way to find journal, books and article references is to read a related paper on the similar topic. Also, get a textbook on the topic you are researching.

The point of the paper (Master’s Level) is to work on your writing and research skills.

This research paper will become part of your MBA portfolio so it is imperative that it is well organized including a cover sheet, table of contents and the above sections. The table of contents and sections will help with the flow of the paper.

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