Final Assignment: For the final assignment you will be required to watch season one of Making of Murderer on Netflix.  This a documentary series that follows the story of a wrongfully convicted man who after being freed for the previous conviction, becomes the focus of a second murder trial. 

This is a lengthy documentary series, so please manage your time watching this over the course of the term.  A main concept that we will continually be revisiting throughout the term’s content is ethical decision making in The Criminal Justice System.  When you watch this documentary, you should be applying concepts learned from class to that which you see unfold in this lengthy story. 

Your final project will require you to write a five-page paper in APA format detailing the ethical violations that exist throughout the process from the original wrongful conviction to the subsequent murder of Theresa Hollbach.  The focus of the ethics violations should involve all aspects of The Criminal Justice System (policing, defense attorney, district attorney, judges, correctional aspects).  You need to identify no less than five (though you may identify more) ethical violations on the part of criminal justice actors in this process.  In addition, identify at least three common problems or shortcomings of the process (investigation, policing, court process, representation, etc.) that exist in this saga.  Please include an introduction with a thesis statement, a supporting body, and a conclusion that ties the work together.

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