Exegesis. Provide two separate exegesis (articles). Applying the following theory to the case.

I. Exegesis A (Peter Singer on “Equality for animals?”)

1. Explain person X

2. Apply X’s theory to this case.

II. Exegesis B (Christine Korsgaard on “Getting animals in view”)

1. Explain person Y

2. Apply Y’s theory to this case.

Note: explain all moral problems and theories in this regard within the two passages. Such as speciesism, center of self and others.


You have decided to become an urban farmer and put a chicken coop in your backyard. You intended to use the chickens for their eggs, and once they stop producing eggs you will treat them as your friends until they become elderly. When they become elderly you intend to humanly kill them and eat them. What would si get say the ethics of this situation? What would Korsgaard?

Here below is the rubric attached.

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