Elevator pitch to convince professor that I am ready to educate our children to be productive citizens. Summarize take aways about teaching and learning. (student teacher) Include epiphanies, connections, and new learnings

In your elevator pitch you must include your educational philosophy before your student teaching and how it changed based on what you learned this semester. Then explain how you will use your educational philosophy as a guide in providing learning experiences that will have your students grow academically. Also speak to the theory, pedagogical approaches, and instructional strategies that governs your philosophy that will lead to your identity as an educator.

Things to know

– before student teacher my philosophy was having the patience, correct mindset and most importantly dedication to teach.

-my philosophy now is the whole-child approach

-during my student teaching I worked with students with disabilities that include learning disabilities, autism and speech/language impairment

– please include these theorist Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky,

-i learned that children have to be emotionally stabled and their personal needs to be in place in order for them to effectively learn,

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