Each student will pick 2 agricultural plants/crops and 1 endangered animal species. Students will conduct research on each of these 3 species.

I have attached the assignment instructions that my teacher gave us. Very important: this is not a research paper, my professor indicates that any essay format project will not be accepted.

My 3 species are:

(Endangered species) European Rabbit; Oryctolagus cuniculus. (Europe).

(Crop species #1) Rice; Oryza sativa (Asia).

(Crop Species #2) Watermelon; Citrullus lanatus (Northeast Africa).

The “BIO112_PStevens_Global_Assigment.docx” is the guide, and the “Global Project.pdf” is the template he talks about in the guide which also needs to be completed. I have already started it, if you want u can keep what I have written or start over. If you could please write in red bold font when completing the template. Thank you!

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