Career Counseling Strategies and Information

Using the client you have selected from the Riverbend City: Career Counseling media piece to complete the Week 9 Assignment, Individual Career Plan, discuss the following:

The client is Juan this is his week 7 info:


Juan shares that he always assumed that he would look for employment in a traditional business setting. However, after supporting his mother-in-law through her rehabilitation he is considering using his management experience in a different setting. When questioned, Juan shared that he enjoyed building a personal relationship with his mother-in-law. He recalls enjoying spending time with his grandparents and great-grandparents when he was growing up. His mother-in-law’s rehabilitation also shed light on the difficulties that older adults experience navigating the healthcare system. Juan quickly states he has no interest in being a healthcare provider, but that he does want to feel like he is helping someone.

Describe a counseling strategy or intervention that was introduced in this week’s readings that you can utilize for your client.

Provide a rationale for using that strategy or intervention, based on the client’s challenges.

Additionally, support the client in exploring at least one job title that aligns with their assessment data. Provide a short descriiption of the job title including:

Education and training required for this job.

Current employment trends for this career.

Expected salary for this career.


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