Biology 1114 Research Project Report Instructions

You will turn in both a worksheet and a research paper.

Point total for research paper: 90 points

Point total for worksheet: 10 points

Your paper will be written in the format of a scientific journal article and include the following parts:

Title (2 points): The title of a scientific paper is specific and tells the reader everything he/she needs to know in order to decide if this paper is relevant to his or her own work.

Abstract (8 points): This is a summary of the entire project, all in about one paragraph. It includes the results, so you can’t write it until you are done with the project.

Introduction (15 points): Talk about the species of beetle we will be using. Discuss its ecological niche presently as well as what it likely was before humans began storing grain. How does Tribolium confusum interact with other species in its environment including humans. You will need to include the food habits, life history, and rates of reproduction for this beetle. You will also need to determine the acceptable ranges of temperature, humidity, and how this beetle reacts to light. Cite your references by naming the authors with their publication years such as (Jones, 2004). This section should be relatively short and to the point. At the end of the introduction, tell what the hypotheses are (both null and alternative). Give a prediction of the results.

Methods (15 points): Describe the experimental methods, tell what was measured and how. Tell when it was measured. List all your equipment and the steps you used to setup and complete the experiment. The idea of a methods section is to be detailed enough that someone else could perform the experiment from your descriiption. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY RESULTS IN THIS SECTION.

Results (15 points): Here is where you will present your experimental data in the form of tables and/or graphs. In this section you provide your results, but you do not yet draw conclusions from them. That effort is left for your last section. You must also test your results using a statistical test and make sure you report these results and the methods you used to obtain them.

Conclusions (15 points): This is where you discuss your results and draw conclusions (i.e. what might have caused any differences observed in the containers. Also, in this section you accept or reject your hypotheses. This is where you discuss the possibility of experimental errors.

Writing Style (5 points): The writing style in a scientific paper is described as “detached third person.” You are not offering opinions or comment. Avoid words such as I, you, we, because you are merely collecting and reporting facts. Spelling, grammar, and the organization of your ideas will be parts of your grade on this paper, so please pay attention to your writing. Seek help (from me, other students, the writing center on campus) if you are unsure about how to write in a scientific style. Avoid using bullets! If English is not your first language, please contact a tutor at the writing center tutors!

References (15 points): You must include a reference page. You can consult the Internet and you must include citations with website addresses and the date you consulted them if you do. You must also have three other sources, and all must be peer-reviewed journal articles. If you have any questions about whether or not a source is peer-reviewed please ask me. You should cite papers within the text. Any paper that is in your reference section must be cited somewhere in the text. Newspapers and magazines are not acceptable references for this paper. Anything cited in the text must also be in the references. Use the APA reference style (there are many examples online, such as,

Here are some examples of citing a reference within the text of a scientific paper:

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