Assignment Instructions:

1. Find a peer-reviewed article related to an ethical issue in genetics that was published no ore than 18 months ago.

2. Write a 500-word summary of the article, so the persons who reads your paper knows what it is about.

3. After the summary, write one or two paragraph(s) where you address the following points:

– Identify and describe the ethical issue(s) associated with the topic you selected, on your own words.

– Identify at least two stakeholders (people/institutions involved) and describe their positions and concerns.

– Identify and describe at least one possible option for resolving the conflict.

– Identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the resolution.

– Make sure to include the complete citation of the article you read for this assignment, using the APA format, at the end of your paper.

My instructions:

My paper is on the ethics of genetic modification using technology such as CRISPR.

Link to my chosen article:

(PDF is attached as well)

– the goal is to write a 500 word summary then a few paragraphs after addressing all of the points that I noted above in the section of the assignment instructions

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