As the young United States began to grow and expand to the West beginning in the early 19th century, the nation benefited in many ways, but expansion also led to many new challenges and controversies that began to plague the nation. Develop an argument that addresses the question above. You must either argue yes, or no, but not both. Include in your argument a discussion of the benefits of westward expansion, and at least two issues/disputes/controversies that westward expansion brought up, such as those related to the Louisiana Purchase, the Missouri Compromise, the annexation of Texas, or the Mexican-American War. To what extent was the nation successful in resolving and settling those issues and disputes? What questions remained unanswered, and how dangerous were those unanswered questions to the Union of the United States? Remember to use the sources, which includes the textbook, but more importantly the D2L documents as well. Essays that do not use at least two D2L sources (not including the textbook) will NOT receive a passing score, no matter how well-written. Finally, outside sources are not allowed. Use of an outside source will also result in a non-passing score, even if all other requirements are met. Your post must be at least 200 words in length, and will be assessed on the strength of your argument, its clarity, source usage, detail, and thoroughness.

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