As discussed in class, it is important for human service professionals to generate a holistic view of

a client’s life in order to accurately assess presenting problems and other behavioral issues. In

addition, an effective human services professional utilizes an eclectic style of theoretical stripping

as a way to offer a clinical explanation for the client’s presenting problem(s). The success of this

process is dependent upon the human services professional’s ability to create a client centered

biopsychosocial. The biopsychosocial is an assessment tool in which the client’s life factors such

as mental health, family system, substance abuse, and socialization are considered. At the end of

the biopsychosocial, the human services professional provides a clinical narrative which includes

the helper’s impressions of the client, theories for explaining the client’s behavior, and possible

treatment modalities. The purpose of this assignment is for students to become familiar with

translating client information into a biopsychosocial. With information provided in a case vignette,

students will complete a biopsychosocial as a human services professional. As a result, students

will be introduced to the biopsychosocial process, experience a practical task many human service

professionals complete, and utilize theoretical perspectives introduced in class to form a clinical


General Paper Guidelines:

 Complete the Biopsychosocial Form outlined in Biopsychosocial Parts I-XI

 For paper portion (Part XII): Times New Roman, size 12 font

Listen to this recording to help with the form and questions:

Assignment 2 is an example of how the paper should be formatted.

Assignment should be APA format

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