Addiction has many consequences. Often these consequences result in a negative impact on an individual’s life. Yet many people suffering from addiction are contributing members of society who are adept at hiding the effects of their addiction from family, friends, and co-workers.

To understand how this is possible, it is important to understand the idea of internal consequences, or impacts. Internal consequences are negative impacts that are not visible. These consequences are often connected to internal suffering and may be difficult for others to identify unless expressed by the individual. As a result, they are much easier to keep hidden. Does every person feel some level of internal consequences due to their addiction? Treatment may provide an opportunity for individuals to explore their internal conflicts and the impact that they have had on their lives.

For this Discussion, review the week’s resources and consider the internal consequences of addiction. In addition, explore strategies that may be useful to clients who are faced with internal consequences.

Post two examples of internal consequences that may result from clients with problems with addiction. Explain one challenge for overcoming internal consequences. Finally, explain two strategies that you might use as a future addiction professional to address internal consequences. Support your response using the resources and the current literature.

then you will respond to 2 colleagues.

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