1) Used the paper “FUV Observations of the Inner Coma of 46P/Wirtanen”

2) focus only on the spectra part 3.1 (do not go to 3.2. Coma Emission Modeling it is not required). I need only reproduce the RESULTS 3.1. Spectra the data available at this link:




3) write a report with 3 pages of text and put the figures on two pages.

4) when you write the report on how you use the data and astronomy tools (DS9, CALCOS pipeline, Spextool, python, Matlab, it is up to you which tool you like), you can you the professor handout of the description of the data analysis as following:

Data Analysis Write-Up Rubric:

– Students will write-up a description of their data analysis in a 5-page report (max length is 5 pages for text and 3 pages for figures)

– Write-up should include the following:

– Discussion of the science question you are addressing by analyzing these data and how they play into your telescope proposal (10 points)

– Description of the data you are re-analyzing including name of instrument, description of instrument, whatever mode the data was collected in (if applicable) (20 points)

– Describe the reduction steps and the methods used to do the reduction – Enough of a description that I could re-produce your work – including pictures will help to show the separate steps that you did (50 points)

– Comparison between your re-produced data and the one from the paper and discussion on what differences might exist between them (20 points)

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