1: PowerPoint presentation

Students are required to submit a powerpoint focusing on a signature piece of an African American choreographer of their choice. Choose one of the following.

Asdata Dafora-Ostrich

Pearl Primus-African Ceremonial

Pearl Primus-Negro Speaks of Rivers

Asadata Dafora-Kykunkor

The PowerPoint slides must consist of these components.

List the cultural and educational background of the African American choreographer featured.

Give the title of the signature work, and identify the dance idiom(s) used.

Provide a short description of the contribution of this choreographer’s signature piece to the art of dance.

Analyze the movements in the signature piece or other influential works of the choreographer, referencing the qualities of movement, dance terms and other descriptive words used throughout the text.

Identify any additional materials used, such as links and/or articles.

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