Answer & Explanation:2 pages with 5 – 7 paragraphs, (APA), organized
from broad focus down to a narrow focus, Content: The
content of the paper will be graded based on the factual content related
to the topic. The topic should be aligned with the main topic (see
syllabus and schedule), but further defined by your interest(s). Development of Topic: This section will be graded on if you truly develop the assigned topic with supportive documentation/RESOURCES.
Provide content that demonstrates that you have an understanding of the
respective topic as it relates to sport communication. Grammar/Writing
style: This section will be graded based on proper use of the English
language including but not limited to correct spelling, grammar and
sentence structure. The responses must be in APA format with a 12pt
font, 1 inch margins throughout, Times New Roman and double-spaced. NO
EXCEPTIONS. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in a grade
of 0/50. (Please see sample below). Citations: There must be a
minimum of 5 sources for each topic paper. They need to be from current
information (no earlier than 2000) unless you are defending a historical
position. All citations need to be in APA format.

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