Answer & Explanation:Response Paper 2
Compare the scores for the films In Cold Blood and The Magnificent
Seven. Specifically, consider how these scores represent disparate
character groups within each film. Begin by describing these character
groups in as much detail as the portions of the films we saw allow. Then
illustrate the music for each group and explain how each musical
element represents its group. Finally, compare these two scores,
explaining how they are similar despite each films’ contrasting storyline
and setting.
1-2 pages Submit to the Dropbox under Assessments in D2L Due date:
____ Description of each film’s character groups. 30%
____ Illustration of the music for each group. 30%
____ Comparison of the two scores. 30%
____ Presentation: The paper is logically organized into paragraphs, and
follows general procedures for a college paper, including proper
grammar, sentence structure, movie titles in quotation marks, underlined
or italicized, editing and clarity. 10%
DVDs of both films are available for 2-hour checkout at Mabee
Library’s Reference Desk. Both questions are based on the first 30
minutes of each film.
This is an analysis paper, not a research paper. Evidence of research
outside of the first 30 minutes of each film could result in a grade of 0%.
Plagiarism in any form may result in a 0% grade for the paper and other
penalties as enacted by Washburn University. In cold blood The magnificent seven

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