Answer & Explanation:Following our visit to the Maggie Walker National Historic Site, please reflect upon your experience. This is due April 13, 2017 by 11:59pm.WRITING GUIDANCECRITICAL THINKING: Your writing should go beyond simple descriptions. It should demonstrate how you thought critically about visiting Mrs. Walker’s home and learning about her work in the Richmond Community.ORGANIZATION: Clearly express your thoughts. While this is a more “informal” style of writing (and yes, you should use FIRST PERSON) you still need to use complete sentences, proper grammar, and a have a logical flow of ideas.RESPONSE: Each (all three) reflection prompt should be answered in approximately 200-250 words.Reflection Prompt #1: Provide a description and analysis of your participation. *Reflection Prompt #2: Discuss feelings generated by the experience. *Reflection Prompt #3: Discuss how the experience helped you develop insight, self-awareness, and contributed to your understanding of social justice issues – both PAST and CURRENT. *Richmond, Virginia locatio

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