Answer & Explanation:Two Case Problems, using APA formatting and ensuring your answers are in-depth and well-thought-out.There is no page requirement, but you will be graded on how technical and practical your answers are.Question go to below link#1st…#2ndCASE PROBLEM 16.3Leaning the Warehouse“We are interested in lean training for our distribution centerworkers. Can you provide that for us, Professor Warren?” the(DC) manager inquired.“Yes, we have training material on lean systems and wouldbe happy to facilitate a series of workshops for you and youremployees. We usually start with a week of manager or supervisortraining and then move on to front-line employee workshopsone day a week for about two months. As your workersgain experience participating in improvement teams, we wouldreturn for day-long workshops once a month for six months afterthat. The entire process takes about a year, after which timeyour facility would have its own lean trainers certifi ed to . . .”“Actually,” interrupted the manager, “we don’t need toeducate our supervisors on lean—just our hourly workers,and I think that could be done in about two days, one dayfor each shift.”“I see,” replied Professor Warren. “Perhaps you could tellme more about what your lean objectives are and why you’reseeking lean training at this time.”“Sure. We’re implementing a new performance-based paysystem from corporate in which our industrial engineering staffhas determined how long workers should take to complete a taskand what a day’s output should be. We’ll be recording task completiontimes and daily throughput with scanners and comparingthose with the standards that have been developed. Those workerswho beat the standard receive bonus pay; those who do notrisk losing their position. Our pilot project at the Atlanta DCdidn’t go very well. None of the workers met standard and theydidn’t seem to get how important this is. For example, they’d berunning off looking for tools, or moving the same merchandiseseveral times to get an aisle clear or to reach a pallet in back, orpicking what they’d just put away, or stopping one task to workon another more urgent one. So we thought if we taught themlean principles for eliminating waste, it’d be easier to get the jobdone, and performance against standard would improve.”1. Explain the different views of lean in this case. What mightProfessor Warren include in his more extensive trainingprogram?2. What elements of lean would be most useful to the DCmanager and his staff?3. Are the manager’s views of lean realistic? What is the besthe can hope to achieve in the time allotted?4. What might be some drawbacks in approaching lean implementationin this way? What might be some advantages?Does warehouse work lend itself to lean?

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