Answer & Explanation:Impact of White-Collar CrimeWhite-collar crime differs from street crime in many ways. One of these differences concerns victims. (Keep in mind that the victim of a white-collar crime can be a person, a business, or even the general community). By understanding the characteristics of the victims, we can better understand how white-collar crime is committed and how we can defend against it.For this assignment, prepare a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word that examines the victims of white-collar crime. Your report should cover these points:Discuss the impact of white-collar and economic crime on individuals, businesses, and the community in general.Explain why it is so difficult to measure the extent of white-collar crime. (One reason is that many white-collar crimes go unreported–discuss why this is so).Describe the kinds of economic crimes that affect the whole country. Give an example and show how it affects everyone.Often, a crime victim does something to make the crime easier to commit. This is known as “victim facilitation.” In what ways might victims of white-collar crime be facilitating the crime? (Consider individual victims as well as businesses.)Are there certain groups of people who are more likely than others to become victims of some of these crimes? Describe some ways that citizens can help protect themselves against white-collar crime.

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