Answer & Explanation:Evaluation Of Fluid Products Conduct research on fluid hydration products.
Investigate and research product information by going to the grocery
store and using the internet. Discuss your research and conclusions. Write a response to some of the following questions: Are there stimulants in these drinks? What kind?Could you make your own electrolyte drink? If so, how? (hint: consider lemons and sea salt, do research)Do the claims made by the manufacturer seem realistic considering what you have learned.What about soda? Consider the phosphorus content. The sugar or artificial sweeteners. Evaluate the effects of soda on your body.What do you think the best water product is and why? Hint: Consider reviewing a product called “Ultima”, designed and used by Olympic athletes.

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Nutrition and Wellness | Discussion | Rubric
Grading Discussion Groups
Your discussions will be graded according to the rubric (scoring guide) below. Notice that this scoring guide does
not mention writing style, spelling, or other such things. Minor mechanical errors are usually overlooked in
Top Scores (A-B)
The top scoring students will do the following:

Post early on so that the discussion starts going right away.
Give comments that respond to the assigned topic carefully.
Show that they understand the topic, giving good examples to support what they have to say.
Return often to the discussion to respond thoughtfully to what others say.
Change their minds when they come upon something that makes them think differently.
Be polite and respectful of others.
Middle Scores (C–D)
Acceptable scores for students go to those who do the following:

Post in time for someone to respond.
Speak to the topic, although not as carefully or as on topic as others.
Their posts do not show as much knowledge of the topic as the top scorers.
Only post occasionally, showing little response to what others say.
Hold onto positions even when they have been shown to be wrong.
Be polite and respectful of others.
Low Scores (F)
Students score poorly when they:

Post very late, if at all.
Give responses that are off topic or lead the reader to suspect that they did not understand the topic.
Do not show knowledge of the topic in their posts.
Do not respond to others.
Clearly show that they logged in quickly and fired off a number of meaningless entries just to get it done.
Are rude or insulting to others.
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