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Why people study English
English was spoken first in the early medieval England. It is a West Germanic language as
well as the global lingua franca. English vocabulary has been influenced by other Germanic
languages as well as the Romance languages. However, the English language is highly
related to the Frisian languages. English is also the third most common native language in the
world hence it is highly used. Studying English is one of the most important thing that a
person can do if they want to not only be successful but also to be conversant with the day to
day activities. This essay will therefore analyse the various reasons that make people study
English and the impact it has on our lives.
One of the reasons that drive people to learn English is that it opens up more
opportunities to a person (Jay). English is simply a language of disciplines like science,
diplomacy, aviation, tourism and computers. When one learns and understands English, then
the chances of him getting a job either abroad or in one’s country are very high. As a result,
cases of unemployment are reduced hence the economy of that country will improve. In
addition to this, the standards of living will improve hence poverty eradication.
Another reason that lead people into studying English is usually the dominant
business language hence a necessity if one has to join the global workforce. Any cross border
business is usually conducted in English. This ensures that communication flows on well
between business partners through letters as well as, postcards and other communication
agents. In addition, all international competitions as well as conferences are carried out in
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English. Politicians and diplomats relate internationally through Communicating in English.
This ensures that ideas are easily shared hence the international relations are improved.
English makes one become more desirable to the employers. Once a person is fluent
in a second language especially English is likely to be considered for a job than one who is
not. A person that is conversant with English will be mostly considered because he will be
able to communicate with others well. Business meetings, customer services and sales as well
as marketing strategies are mainly carried out in English hence an employee who is
conversant with this language will be appreciated by his employer (Jay). As a result, this
becomes an added advantage since one will be able to also attend international conferences
and events. This creates a chance for one to learn more that can improve a person’s career
hence become even a better employee.
Learning English enables one to learn and get knowledge about other cultures.
Information about various cultures can be retrieved from online databases, social media cites
as well as through interactions with others. Learning another cultures way of life and
different ways of living enables one to adapt to various environments. Language and culture
are always together and none can be separated from the other. Knowing English will
therefore give you knowledge about English cultures hence one will understand the
acceptable norms, words and expressions that are to be used when communicating in various
English is a language that is used in most of the media industries. The internet and the
social media cites use English as the language of communication. This ensures that all people
who know English can interact and learn from each other through online interactions (Tan 4).
AS a result, friendship is created hence peace and unity is spread among nations and
communities. In addition to this, one is able to watch movies and videos online and
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understand their message without having the subtitles. This enhances entertainment through
the songs, videos and TV shows and films.
English language dominates all over the world. The spread of English is so rampant
such that every individual is considering having a little knowledge about it. Due to the high
rates of globalisation and technology, the English language has really spread among the
nations. In this regard, linguists refer to it as the king of languages since it has dominated the
world more than any other language. The linguistic revolution will continue taking its course
over the years. “It has become a language of intimacy, a different sort of English that relates
to family talk” (Tan 36). As a result, English is fragmenting into family dialect where most
families learn and speak in English. This language is therefore entrenched and deep to die
out. Another reason that makes English more important and easy to learn and understand is
due to its simplicity as compared to other languages. In English, the mistakes made do not
necessarily change the meaning. This is because English language has simple signs that
separate words nicely.
In conclusion, it is evident that study of English is important due to so many reasons.
English not only unites people but also creates a rapport between nations. English is therefore
one of the most accepted means of communication which is being embraced by almost
everyone and every nation. Consequently, English has become a universal language hence
everyone is interested in learning it. When one knows how to speak, read, and write bin
English, life becomes easy for them since most of the information found either online or in
books is written in English. Learning English is therefore not only a requirement but also a
Surname 4
Works cited
Jay Walker. “The world’s English mania.” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 22
February 2009. Web. 24 march 2017. Use MLA format. Look at the Purdue OWL website or
the handbook (see syllabus). This was a TED talk, so use the TED link, not YouTube.
Tan, Amy. n.d. 24 march 2017. . not the version we used – also, this is not MLA.
Where’s the name of the article (outside the url)?
1. Introduction

Thesis statement- Studying English is one of the most important thing that a
person can do if they want to not only be successful but also to be conversant with
the day to day activities
Importance- creation of op[opportunities
3. Importance- enhance communication in business matters
4. Importance- Easy access to get employed
5. Importance-Learning about other cultures
6. Domination of English in social media and the internet
7. Domination and spread of English worldwide
8. Conclusion
First of all, you really need to read the “Submitting Drafts” and “Formatting Worksheet”
documents. If you don’t have yours, they are on HuskyCT. It’s unacceptable that at the third
essay you are still having all these formatting and MLA issues. For example, by now you
should know that paper size should be letter, not A4 and that you need your last name in the
running head (not just “surname”. Please review MLA formatting standards carefully.
Surname 5
As for content, one of the requirements of this assignment is that you position yourself in
relation to Walker and Traves’ ideas. I don’t see you talk much about Walker’s point. You
mention some of his examples, but what was his main point in his talk? Remember the
pushing or pulling discussion? Also, I don’t see Traves at all here. Hers was the most
important text to use. It’s the one that really discusses the issue of why people are learning
English, other than just to get a better job. Why is it English, not any other language, that
opens these doors? How do you think Traves would respond to Walker’s talk? That’s what
you needed to do in this assignment. Look at all the HuskyCT discussion board posts, and at
the Google Docs that we used (link on HuskyCT).

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