Answer & Explanation:In six pages (double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins),
complete the tasks listed below.Your paper should present and defend a thesis,
demonstrate good logic, and cite sources to strengthen arguments and offer
supportive evidence. Cite three sources and a minimum of 3 biblical
references. 1.Define your worldview precisely, and defend it robustly (3 pages).
Identify the main ideas or commitments of Christianity. Describe the main influences on your Christianity
view, its primary source of knowledge, and how your Christianity worldview
works to answer what you believe are life’s most important questions. Provide
well-supported arguments and evidence that demonstrate why you think your
worldview is true and not merely a fanciful thought or theory. 2.Compare and contrast your worldview to another worldview from the attached “Worldview
Grid” Excel file, and demonstrate the superiority of your own (3 pages). Explain where the two
worldviews agree and disagree, and carefully show why your Christianity
worldview is more believable and a better way to live.3. Provide a list of resources / references in a bibliography page.

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At the end of Worldvew Paper 3, you were encouraged to assess worldviews in two ways: internal coherence (does it make sense on its own?) and external
correspondence (does it match reality?). For this discussion, identify which worldview you think best passes these two tests, and explain why (one paragraph). Then,
identify the worldview you think least passes these two tests, and explain why (one paragraph).
After making your initial post, respond to one other post, explaining one way in which you agree and one way in which you disagree.
Discussion 2: Naturalism, Postmodernism, Christianity
I believe the Christianity worldview best passes the two test. It makes sense on its own and it matches reality. Christianity has been passed down through
thousands of years. The bible was written over a period of roughly 2,000 years by 40 different authors from three continents, who wrote in three different
languages. Science, history and heritage all confirm that Christianity does match reality.
Naturalism is the least likely to pass these two test. The “Big Bang” theory just doesn’t make sense on its own. Someone had to create the matter which was
involved in the Big Bang. The fact they naturalist do not believe in God does not match reality. This is the only worldview that does not believe that there isn’t
something else out there in the afterlife.
Science is considered
the ultimate authority.
The main source of
knowledge is knowledge
from science,
observation and
scientific reasoning.
The Naturalists
worldview believes that
the universe exists
because of evolution.
They believe a giant
explosion happened and
everything was created
from this “Big Bang”.
Postmodernism believe
the main source of
knowledge is up to the
person’s authority.
There is no main
universal truth since
each person may have
their own interpretation
of beliefs and views.
Scientific revolution
Deism believes
knowledge comes from
God and is similar to
Christianity. Therapeutic
Moralistic Deism was
founded in 2008 by
Christian Smith
The postmodern
worldview has no true
theory of origin but a
universal soul is an
accept view. They also
believe in God.
Knowledge comes from
God, the ultimate
authority. He revealed
Himself to us by both
general and spiritual
revelations. Knowledge
can come from the bible,
traditions and scientific
Naturalism worldview
believe humans and
other creations are
survival of the fittest with
no real moral ideas.
They do not believe they
is a specific problem but
they are earthy, savethe-planet type of people
in hopes a better earth
will help them live
The main problem for
postmodernism is a
basic lack tolerance and
self-awareness. They
struggle to find personal
They believe death is a
natural part of life but
they do not believe in
afterlife, they believe the
world’s problem is how
to survive. They easily
rely on technology to
help them survive.
Naturalism does not
believe in heaven or hell.
They do not believe in
the afterlife. Since they
have no final eternal
destination, their only
future concerns is
The best answer for
postmodernism is selfrealization. This
included being sincere in
what you believe and
finding your own path to
be a better person.
Some postmodernism
believe in karma,
reincarnation and that all
afterlife is equal.
They believe the world
just repeats over and
Their worldview believes
in God as the creator of
They have no specific
problem other than
issues in their everyday
life. Anything that
prevents them from
having success and
happiness is a problem
for them
If they are good, they will
do to heaven. They
believe they will see God
in the afterlife.
The (only) God created
all of the universe. Man
was created in His
Believe in the fall and
Christians believe man is
sinful by their own
natural nature. They are
born with sin and by
sinning, they rebel
against God.
The therapeutic
moralistic deism turn to
God to help them
achieve success and
happiness. If they have
success and happiness,
they will go to heaven
because they will be
seen as good.
The answers to being
sinful is to believe in
Jesus. Through
believing, Christians will
receive God’s grace. By
accepting Jesus, death
is not the end of being.
Christians believe every
person will be judged by
God. Everyone receives
either eternal life or
destruction. Only the
righteous will get to
spend eternity in
Your Own
Having a Christian
worldview, I believe in
the knowledge of God,
Jesus, and His Word
I believe God created
the universe and all that
is within it. I do not
believe we were a part of
the “big bang” theory
though I do believe
God’s creation is able to
evolve and adapt to its
I believe the main
problem is that mankind
is naturally sinful. Sin is
not taught; we are born
sinful. It is extremely
difficult to suppress our
sinful nature. Jesus is
the only person who
is/was without sin.
God gave us His son
through which we can be
forgiven for our sinful
ways. Christians must
accept Jesus to live an
eternal life.
My views are that or
Christians. Everyone
will be judged by the
Creator and be cast into
hell or heaven.

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