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Learning Activity/Discussion #1: “Compelling Mission Statements”
In preparing a new venture business plan, of critical importance is a compelling Mission Statement before or in conjunction
with the Executive Summary (like the Exec Sum, it always gets read). Identify two business opportunities, one product, the
other service, and prepare mission statements for each. In addition, prepare an initial mission statement for your proposed or
ongoing venture. In each case, be sure to articulate the beliefs and values, target markets, competitive advantage, and
ultimately the goal attainments for measuring success. Post your commentary here.
Learning Activity/Discussion #2: “Healthcare Coverage and Entrepreneurship”
Critical to the Business Plan and ultimate employee attainment and sustained morale, it is necessary to understand and, if
required, institute health care options. US Census Bureau data recently indicated that a considerable portion of the
population, is uninsured. This does not include “underinsured” workers and dependents. Much of this increase resulted from
loss of millions of jobs, and falling household income. Recent data also indicated that costs of insured plans will continue to
rise, much of which will have to be borne by employees. In light of the Supreme Court affirmed Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act health care legislation (“Obamacare”), as well as the new Trump Administration policy present situation
of failure for ending or revising it, discuss how healthcare related programs and issues will impact, both generally and for
your proposed or ongoing small business and new venture development. Post your comments here.
You may wish to refer to the following healthcare information site. Note, this site has apparently recently been closed down.
Please bear in mind that this is a business “objective”, and not a “political”, Learning Activity topic.
Commentary is expected.
Initial responses are due Thursday, April 6th. Week 4 learning activities will close Sunday, April 9th.
Optional Learning Activity: Video: “How to Write a Business Plan:
Theme: Creating a Business Plan
Designing a Competitive Business Model and Building a Solid …
Business Models and Strategies for Competitive Advantage
The Elements of a Good Feasibility Study
Module 2, Sections 3­4

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