Answer & Explanation:Student is required to write roughly 4-5 pages, APA formatted paper, not including cover sheet or bibliography, describing a family business. For this topic you are assigned to focus on the company Volkswagen and you are to write about CHANGE, ADAPTATION AND INNOVATION they have gone experienced, throughout the years since the company started. Need to use good references. Wall Street Journals and Google Scholar are ideal. The paper should consider and APPLY as many of the family business concepts and issues covered in class (obviously not all will apply). Examples of concepts/issues that you could include are: Try to talk about at least 4 issues. Continuity and CultureChanging the CultureNew Leaders of the Evolution3 States of Evolution; Present State…Transition State…Future StateContinuity and Family; Management Ownership StructuresOrganization Development Approaches to ChangeCommitment PlanningInstitutionalizing the ChangeThe Future: Can the Family Business Compete and Thrive?Agility in the face of ChangeCompetition and Value CreationTapping the Next GenerationThriving through CompetitionOrganic Competencies and the Business Future

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