Answer & Explanation:Critical Elements
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Introduction: This is where readers will have a chance to get an idea of what your essay will be about and what you will prove throughout. Do not give all
of your information away here, but give readers a sample of what is to come. Do not forget to review your writing plan to make sure you are hitting all of
the points that you planned out, while also stating your claim.
A. Provide an overview of the work you have analyzed, briefly describing main points and your thoughts about the writing.
B. Compose an engaging thesis that states the claim that you will prove and support throughout your essay. This statement will give direction to
your essay and should be well thought out.
II. Body: The body is your opportunity to describe and support your claim in depth. Make sure your thoughts and evidence are clear and organized in a way
that is easy for readers to follow and understand.
A. Be sure to write multiple paragraphs that are focused, clearly state their intent, and move logically from one to the other, building the thesis
argument as the essay progresses. These paragraphs also need to deploy evidence from the selected reading.
B. Your body paragraphs should support your claim by combining thoughts and ideas with evidence from the writing. There is no such thing as a
right or wrong claim; the key is how your claim is supported and the quality of the evidence used.
III. Conclusion: Think of the conclusion as a review of your analysis. Use this section to restate your claim, and remind readers of your supporting evidence.
Think of this as your last chance to prove your point.
A. Review your claim and summarize key supporting points. This section should consist of a review of your main points employed to support your
B. Your conclusion should articulate insights about your claim established through your analysis. This should follow logically from your argument,
referring to key points or quotes used to support your claim.I also included a copy of my rough draft.

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Matay Williams
April 19th, 2017
Williams 1
Matay Williams
April 19th, 2017
ENG 122
Twelve Hour Shifts or the Easy way out!!!
Factory jobs can be a bummer, especially while going to school. I totally agree with the
speaker that it will pay off in the end. Sometimes you have to go through things to get to the
next level in your life. Everything is not always easy or handed to you on a silver platter. It
makes the journey truly worth taking. In the text, the author talks about working twelve hour
shifts on an assembly line and going to school full time during the fall. Hard work will take you
in the direction of success if you put in the effort. The goal is to crack down on the school work
while juggling a full time job. The reader discusses the value of school, while also discussing the
virtual of a good job as well. The author is convinced at the end of this misery of these twelvehour shifts it will pay off in the end. I support the author’s claims.
The economy is always changing it might be up one day and down the next. It depends
on the supply and demand. We also know this because the speaker says, “I have worked as a
temp in the factories surrounding my hometown every summer since I graduated from high
school, but making the transition between school and full –time blue-collar work during the
break never gets any easier.” I’m familiar with the factory life as well and people come and go
all the time. The writer says for himself that he has worked in multiply plants. So we know that
the turnover rate is high. I honestly think they don’t want to hire you permanent anyway because
they make more money when you are a temp. Or shall I say put out less when you are a temp,
Williams 2
which means temporary employee. That means the employer can let you go at any time. We all
know that South Carolina is a right to work state. They can fire your for any reason at any time
without an explanation. This makes a degree look good because everyone wants job security.
The author said it best “the most stressful thing about blue-collar life is knowing your job could
disappear overnight.” If production demand is down and supply is up. The employees get let go
this is forever a concern in the manufacturing profession. That’s why is good to get in there make
that good money save and get you a career. This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.
The sky is the limit.
After working in the factory for a while it will make you look at life in a completely
different way, especially if there is a way out. When I worked twelve hour shifts their where
women and men who had been working the same job same pay for years. Telling me to go back
school while you can, don’t get stuck here. The pay is not worth the torture on your body. The
author states “Factory life has shown me what my future might have been like had I never gone
off to college in the first place.” So yes, it makes you thankful to have a job and the experience
of having to endure something because it will make you stronger in the end. The author proves
this for us. His degree is well worth it because he has worked for it. That is what I call success.
Even though factory jobs are brutal. The writer does not want to be like a normal college
student and take on a basic minimum wage job. However, by pushing yourself the extra mile it
always does pay off in the long run. The pay looks good for a while until you see the taxes being
sucked right out of you. The writer also mentioned “I couldn’t believe how little I was taking
home after all the hours I spent on the sweltering production floor.” He was working so hard he
just knew it should be more on the check but he diligently completed his summer break working
because he has a goal to reach. In the end again I believe it’s still worth it. It is a good job for the
Williams 3
period and good money but you will get there a little faster. I like how the author says, “I chose
to do this work, rather than bus tables or fold sweatshirts at the Gap, for the overtime pay and
because living at home is infinitely cheaper than living on campus for the summer. My friends
who take easier, part-time jobs never seem to understand why I’m so relieved to be back at
school in the fall or that my summer vacation has been anything but a vacation.” It sounds to me
like the speaker knows exactly what his priorities are. He has a plan and he is definitely using his
time wisely. The factory job is set hours, so he knows his work schedule. You know what your
job descriptions and exactly how much your check will be each week. So yes I’d rather work a
factory Job and go to school. Than to work at a fast food restaurant like other college students. I
would rather study on my breaks and stack my paper than to club or hang out like most college
The author’s concept is to work hard now while he is young and play later. He supports
this when he says, “when I’m back at the university, skipping classes, and turning in lazy rewrites seems like a cop-out after seeing what I would be doing without school.” This shows he
respect the academic trail he has set before him. I’ll will stick with my original claim, school
should be cherished. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to attend college. Overall I feel like
the author did an amazing job breaking down the detail about his grueling summer breaks
slaving away to make ends meet. His strength and dedication does inspire others to put on a
smile and stick through it because in the end it will be truly worth it. It will be the real kind of
Williams 4
Works Cited
Baraaksma, Andrew. University of Mighigan. n.d. webpage. 13 December 2016.
Williams 5

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