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Research Proposal of Risks and Effect of Climate Change
The planet that’s we’re living in is facing a serious problem which is the climate change
and the main cause of this problem is us yet, we are going to suffer from it the most, but why
should we stop it and start looking for solutions?. Climate change impact is harmful in many
ways, for example, it can affect coastal areas where most people live because of rising in sea
levels, it could effect our corps and food supply, and it might destroy our ecosystems.
My methods for seeking information related to this topic is using reliable sources, and
looking for as many details as possible from online sources that is specialized on environment
and climate change, I’ll also be using some information from my environmental science class
that I’m taking this semester, which I believe will be useful for this topic.
Also, I used some keywords that going to help me find the information I need to use in
this paper such as: Climate change effect, global warming, solutions to help prevent climate
Many articles are focusing tin this specific topic since it’s a real issue that we’re facing,
but I’ve selected few articles from reliable sources such as The consequences of climate change from
NASA’s official website, which covered this problem, reasons, and the solutions.
Another helpful article I found was Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply which
focused on the effect of Climate change in general and especially in food supply by the United
States Environmental Protection Agency.
Topic ideas due : 2/23/2017
Research Proposal: 3/2/2017
Annotated Bibliography due: 3/9/2017
Outline due: 3/6/2017
Paper due : 4/6/2017
Revised Paper due: 4242016
Presentation Slides due: 4/24/2016
Presentations done in class : 4/24/2017
Climate change is a tremendous trouble that is facing the earth, which has been our home
for millions of years, some might not focus on this as an issue that needs to be solved, or might
not conceder it as a personal problem. Unfortunately, it is because of lack of knowledge and
information, so by writing this paper I expect that I’m going to learn more about climate change
and how can we face it.
Student Al-Rahbi
Instructor: Chantelle Daniels
Course: English for International Students (EAP 1851.003U15)
Date: 07/24/2015
Recycling Process Protects Our Earth:
An Annotated Bibliography
Berry, Frances. “Analyzing effective municipal solid waste recycling programs.” The
Journal of the International Solid Wastes & Public Cleansing Association. n.p.
Sep9, 2013. Web. 19 July, 2015.
This source describes the effectiveness of recycling for the environment and gives
different successful examples. Also, it aims to explain and analyze the success of
recycling in some countries and failure in others. Overall, the source focus on the
results of using recycled process in various countries. Also, the article has a
good comparison between USA, which faces success in using recycled, and
Netherlands, which faces challenges. This article is a perfect resource for those
who care about the different results that countries might get from recycling. In
reality, the comparison, which is the main special features in the article, shows the
positives and negative consequences of recycling, so it will help me to explain
the pros and cons of recycling. This article does not have weaknesses or is not
biased, but it has strengths, which is clarifying the author and people’s
observations as well as offers some facts.
Dima, Andora. “Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior in the context of recycling.”
In Resources, Conservation & Recycling. n.p. February 9, 2010. Web. 19 July,
This source focus on the needs and problems of recycling and the factors of
recycling. Additionally, the article shows different kinds of recycling and their
positives and negative sides. This source addresses all people, especially those
who want to protect the environment through recycling. I believe that this source
has a strong relationship with my topic specifically because I will talk about the
pros and cons of recycling. Actually, the main unique feature in the article is that
it examines the positive and negative norms of recycling and characteristics
interact with the standard ‘Theory of Planned Behavior of recycling.’ In one hand,
the source does not only talk about the pros and cons of recycling, but also it
gives some statistics which makes it strong. On the other hand, it does not have
various evidences like questionnaires or facts, which make it stronger and
attractive source.
Diamond, Jared. “Will big businesses save the earth?” the New York Times. n.p. Dec 5,
2009. Web. 19 July, 2015.
This article discusses the role of big businesses to protect the environment during
their work. In summary, it is important to understand how big business work to
protect our planet are and if the environment has any kind of pollution, people
should not make big businesses bear all responsibility. The targeted audiences are
all people especially who think that businesses are indeed as destructive. I think
that this source relates to my topic by clarifying people and businesses’ roles to
protect the environment by recycling. To analyze the article, it had strong
examples about big businesses’ roles to save the environment like Coca Cola.
However, it has a lot of information and descriptions of the examples and if the
author just tries to talk about one big business and then let’s people who interested
in the topic research about other examples that will be more exciting.
Malty, Clive. “Understanding our Human Footprint.” Categories: Documentary, Science
and Environment, Health and Food. Online video clip Updated July 4, 2008. Web.
19 July, 2015.
This source discusses the impact of humans on the environment and their positive
and negative effects on earth. In summary, this source describes the ways that
people’s consumption affect on planet. Also, it talks about 17 places on earth that
are not affected badly by people until now. The target audience is all people
because all of us live and effect on earth as well as we care about it. I believe that
this source relates to my topic because in my paper, I want to focus on humans’
roles to protect the environment by recycling. The most special feature in the
video is images because they show half of the story and information. On one
hand, it is a good source, which has a lot of important facts and information that
make people focus on their roles to protect the earth. On the other hand, in some
parts the speaker talks fast, so listeners might lose some important information.
Ramayah,T.a. “Sustaining The Environment Through Recycling.” In Journal of
Environmental Management. n.p.July15, 2012. Web. 19 July, 2015.
This source talks about the recording process meaning and how it protects the
environment. In summary, the article has different information, studies, and
observations about the recycling process and its major purposes to save the earth.
The author aims to attract all people especially students who care about protect our
planet by using recycled process. This article is really good to use in my research
paper because it has many different important information that relate to my topic like
the meaning of recycling and its main purposes. This source has a special feature,
which is recycling studies from six different states in USA. To analyze the article, I
believe that it is a very good article because it does not just are facts and statistics
about the recycling process, but also it includes people’s opinions and observations.
However, the author writes about recycling process in different states in USA, but if
he talks about recycling in New York City, it will be more attractive because New
York City has a lot of people and it really must to use recycling process.
Shoup, Kate.” Rubbish! Reuse Your Refuse.” A list Apart: 1000 ideas to recycle. n.p.
May 28, 2007. Web. 19 July, 2015.
This source discusses people’s roles to protect the earth through recycling. Also, it
shows simple ways that people can do to share in the recycling process. To
summarize the main points, this book has different information, statistics about
creative recycling, and 1000 ideas that people can use to produce something new
from another thing that has been used. This book is a good resource for those who
want to protect the environment and create something new at the same time.
Because I will talk about people’ roles to save the earth, this book will help me a
lot. This source has a unique feature, which is explaining the creative recycling
ways by using images. Important to realize that this is a great book, which has
different methods of creative recycling, that makes humans protectors and
Also, it displays the success of using creative recycling in various countries like

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