Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on is human factor such a big issue in the aviation industry Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In the aviation sector, there needs to be a smooth integration between human factors and technology in order to ensure a safe and efficient service to the customer (Graeber). Flight accidents and delays are the major problems encountered mainly due to maintenance related issues. Maintenance work in this field involves working under extreme and hazardous environment and in case of an emergency, the workload and pressure on the maintenance person are immense. Flight cancellations and delays in take-off can cost airlines dearly in today’s scenario. And in case of accidents, the charges can be even steeper and it has to be met along with all the legal issues involved (Adams). Thus it is extremely vital for aviation personals to possess adequate knowledge dedication and efficiency in order to avoid accidents and contribute to the safety and security of the industry (Graeber). The aviation industry is currently taking all possible steps that would enhance the working conditions for the human factor and thereby help to reduce the accident rate. This is carried out with the participation of specialists, technicians, crew and the customer. The various areas that are being addressed include improving deck design, and error reporting systems, better flight crew communication, navigation and surveillance systems, developing user-friendly methods and tools for management, training human factors in handling and maintenance of the airplane, formation of the fault information team which will identify faults thus enabling the mechanics to maintain the operational efficiency of the airplane, involving customer inputs, and addressing human factor related issues such as fatigue and working conditions of the maintenance personal (Adams. Graeber). Thus human factors contribute immensely to the functioning of the aviation industry and hence suitable regulation should be framed to ensure safe and efficient operation of the industry.

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