attached are the questions. You must answer each question with at least 75 words or more. No plagiarism please.

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1. How is human population growth related to environmental sustainability? Is sustainable
growth possible with no ceiling on population growth? What are the current trends in human
population? Explain your answer.
2. A common way to express the impact of population on the environment is I = P x A x T
I = Impact on the environment
P = Population
A = Affluence
T = Technology
The idea is that a change in any of the P, A or T will change the impact on the environment. Does
this seem like a reasonable approach? Explain.
3. Do you think the world has reached “peak oil” yet? Why or why not? What do you think the
economic and geopolitical effects of peak oil will be? What would you do if the price of
gasoline reached $10 per gallon?
4. We’ve discussed the problem with biofuels. Here is an analysis of biofuels
What do you think of the author’s point of view? Were you aware of these positions before?
What ethical implications are there, pro or con?
5. The polar bear issue is at the intersection between environmental ethics and the media. How
have we seen the polar bears being used in the media? Is the topic used as actual news or
as propaganda?
6. Today, we use much less energy for cars, appliances, lighting, etc. Everywhere in the world,
technology is reducing human impact on the environment. What examples can you think of?
Explain them.

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